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Welcome to the Island!

How can you find us?

You can find us by searching No Friends in the server lists. We're a laid back and mature community with little to no restrictions on what you can post because cmon, we're not a bunch of babies.


Rules And Info

I) The Basics.

    1.0 Respect: At no point on the game server or discord server can you use the following type of things: racism or sexism as a personal attack/rape rp/sexual rp/erp/images of intense gore/images of animal cruelty, or illegal content of any kind. If someone asks you to stop harassing him/her out-of-character, stop immediately. Breach of the respect rules can effect people on a personal level and is taken seriously.

    1.1 Comms: You may use any type of tactical comms you wish, provided they don't hinder your in-game role play. Cluttered comms interfering with RP is not tolerated. You can treat these comms as earpieces in-character. You are not allowed to use in-game text side-chat.

    1.2 Metaming: Metagaming is using out-of-character information to make decisions in-game. Examples of this include name-plating, using live streams to gather intel, using discord posts to plan attacks, and baiting players through out-of-game comms. This is not tolerated. Very general information can be given through a roleplay "carrier falcon".

    1.3 Hacks/Glitches: The use of hacks, glitches, or exploits is not tolerated on this server.

II) Role Play.

    2.0 In-Character: While on the game server, you must roleplay as one character at a time. Change your in-game name to your character name. If you roleplay as another character, you have made the decision to retire your previous character. You must have a working microphone to do this. At no point can you bring out of game information into your roleplay or combat. This is referred to as "metagaming" (see 1.2 Metagaming).

    2.1 Quality RP: Any and all interactions (hostile and non-hostile) must have a certain level of roleplay and cannot be purely for the sake of loot with no role play involved. You cannot rob someone with little to no words exchanged. If you restrain someone you should explain to them why they are restrained. If you are about to execute someone from an enemy faction, you should make it clear what they did to offend you. Trading should include discussing the reason why you need the desired item(s). If you repeatedly do not value your life in acts of poor rp, this could result in an investigation and character kill. Roleplay should be a part of everything you do.

    2.2 Near Death Experience: If you are killed you can remember the circumstances of your death and return to that location. You must role play that you somehow survived the encounter as a "near death experience". If you meet someone else who was killed, you must also roleplay that they somehow survived unless they made the personal choice to kill off that character. The only exception is if you choose to have your character killed permanently. This choice is generally left up to you.

 III) PVP rules.

    3.0 Lethal Action: You can use lethal action toward or attempt to subdue an unrestrained person if:

    --The person verbally threatens the life of someone present in a non-sarcastic manner (death threat, tell someone to put hands up with lethal threat, telling someone to drop things with lethal threat).

    --The person physically threatens anyone's life (points a projectile weapon at anyone with intent, binds hands, purposefully fires at someone with artillery, attacks with a tame).

    --The person does not comply with two commands under threat issued with at least five seconds to comply between threats (commands must be realistic and achievable).

    --The person enters the walls of your base without permission or boards your ship without permission.

    --The person asks you to kill them. You must confirm this request with the person before harming the person. This would indicate that the person wants to retire that character after death.

    --The person is awake and in a hotzone (see 3.2 Hotzones).

    3.1 Sleepers: You may not harm or kill sleepers in any zone. You may shackle them and/or move them into a cage. You may transport a sleeper to or from a base if you can avoid harm.

    3.2 Hotzones: Hotzones begin when one player attacks another player. This must be confirmed in-character (seen, heard, immediately told in-character). Hotzones last for 3 minutes and are perpetuated another 3 minutes when a player attacks another player in the hotzone. The hotzone area is roughly the distance that the sound of a cannon can travel. Anyone can use lethal action in a hotzone. You may not kill sleepers in a hotzone (see 3.1 Sleepers).

    3.3 Combat Logging: You may not log out to avoid a pvp or rp situation.

 IV) Raiding.

    4.0 NPCs and Tames: You can only attack NPCs and tames that are actively attacking. Enemy passive NPCs are considered compliant, fearful, and silent for roleplay purposes.

    4.1 Raiding Bases:

    --You may not grief bases. Only blow up what you need to.

    --You may not leave loot on the ground that you do not plan to steal. Put the excess in containers.

    --You may not .

    --You may not leave loot on the ground that you do not plan to steal. Put the excess in containers.

 V) Building Rules.

    5.0 Do not block access to, build on or near the following points of interest unless actively PvP'ing;

    - Obelisks & City Terminals

    - Map Spawn Points

    - Wyvern Scars

    - Portal South West Surface Entrance only (Aberration)

    - Aberration Biome entrances on Valguero

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